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"You give me two years in Albany and I promise I will prove to everyone I am not the screw up they think I am." 

In my oNE tERM in office:

  • I consistently voted with the radical Democratic socialist politicians from New York City. In fact, official voting records show I voted with these New York City politicians a staggering 99.4% of the time. (*LRS voting record, 2021-2022.)

  • I voted “NO” 100% of the time when common sense amendments were proposed to help repeal or reform disastrous policies that hurt hardworking, law-abiding New Yorkers.  For example, I voted against amendments to fully suspend gasoline taxes, to reduce home heating costs, and to investigate the COVID-19 nursing home scandal, (*Senate minority floor amendments, 2021-2022 Legislative Sessions.)

  • I refused to co-sponsor legislation that would REPEAL the MTA’s costly congestion pricing plan. The MTA proposal will charge Rockland County commuters as much as $23 per trip to visit lower Manhattan. (S.8136)

  • I am soft-on-crime, and sided with dangerous criminals over law-abiding citizens and law enforcement professionals by failing to repeal the notorious Cashless Bail Law**. Even after the law became a spectacular failure, I doubled down on it — repeatedly voting against common sense amendments to repeal the law. (*Senate minority floor amendments, 2021-2022 Legislative Sessions.)

  • I voted in support of the so-called Clean Slate bill, another soft-on-crime measure that puts the interests of criminals above those of law-abiding citizens by clearing the conviction records of convicted criminals. (*LRS voting record, S. 1553-D)

  • I voted YES on the largest state budgets in state history, with higher taxes and reckless spending increases that have made New York less affordable, hurt our economy at the worst possible time, and placed us on a path toward fiscal disaster in the coming years. The state budget has grown by a staggering $27.5 billion since i took office last year.  (*2021-2022 State Budgets.)  

  • I voted to hand-out $2.1 billion in taxpayer money to non-US citizens. My vote helped enact a pre-paid VISA debit cash-card program that doled out cash disbursements of up to $15,600 to illegal immigrants. I also voted against an amendment that would have shifted this money to hardworking New York taxpayers — through a Child Tax Credit, Property Tax Relief Checks and the elimination of income taxes for low-income New Yorkers. (*2021 State Budget vote / NYS Department of Labor.)

  • I voted for State Budgets that use taxpayer money to provide free, taxpayer-funded college tuition for non-US citizens, at a time when millions of  hardworking, middle class New Yorkers are struggling to make ends meet. (*2021, 2022 State Budget votes.)

  • I voted to fund taxpayer-funded political campaigns throughout New York State. At a time when millions of hardworking New York taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet, I voted to support this “welfare for politicians” scheme that uses your tax dollars to fund political mailers, robocalls, and TV attack ads for politicians you might not even support. (*2021, 2022 State Budget votes.)

  • I failed to lead during the COVID pandemic.  In fact, I repeatedly voted to block amendments that would have rescinded the Governor’s dramatically expanded “emergency powers” and reasserted the Legislature’s role as a separate, co-equal branch of government. (*Senate minority floor amendments, 2021-2022 Legislative Sessions.)

  • I co-sponsored the New York Health Act (S.5474) — a radical government takeover of our healthcare system.  This bill would not only require the largest tax increase in state history (a $139 billon, or 156% tax increase*) but would also eliminate traditional, private insurance, and put Albany bureaucrats in charge of your family’s healthcare. (*Rand Corp. Study/“An Assessment of the NY Health Act Single-Payer Option.”)

  • I co-sponsored a radical Climate and Community Investment proposal which would hike taxes on sales of gasoline by up to 55 cents per gallon. At a time when so many families and businesses have been struggling to cope with higher fuel costs, a tax hike of this magnitude would be devastating. (LRS: S.4264-A)

  • I failed to strongly support our region’s critically important family farms. The Farm Labor Wage Board has heard vocal opposition from hundreds of concerned farmers, elected officials, the Grow NY Farms Coalition, and small business leaders regarding a controversial plan to reduce the overtime threshold for farm laborers. In spite of the fact that family farms are a crucial part of our regional economy, I kept a low profile throughout the public debate over this critical issue.

Shelley Gazes & Elijah Reichlin Melnick
Shelley Gazes
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